Why and How is Pagination Important for SEO & User Experience?

It is difficult to list all the links of a website on a single page of results if there are a lot of content pages in a specific category. Listing all the links makes it difficult to use and can cause long loading times. This is why pagination becomes necessary. If a website page contains more than a hundred links, it makes it difficult for spiders to get to the depth of the site’s structural design. This results in search engines not being able to access the content-rich pages in the list. All these reasons conclude that pagination is important.

Paginating the results for search engines is a great practice for SEO, better usability and great user experience. But, it is important to know how to properly execute pagination. It is necessary to know the best optimization tactics to achieve success. 

Numbers of Links & Pages

Now that it is clear that pagination is important, the question arises that how many links to content should the average results page show? And how many result pages should be displayed in pagination? Some websites have too many pages to list. In order to solve this issue, you can divide them into subcategories. This will be easy for the users to search for the right pages and will also improve SEO.

You must stick to the 100 links per page limit. Try to link to as many pages as possible based on relevancy and involve links in a way that the search engines are able to crawl deep into the structure. But, don’t link to only the pages at the front and end of the paginated listings because this will only allow link juice to flow to the beginning and end and will entirely disregard the middle. Also don’t randomize the results to distribute link juice. Keep it static so that crawling becomes easier. Show newer content at the top of the results list. This will have more link juice flowing to newer articles. 

Titles & Meta Descriptions

Many times, the titles and meta descriptions are copied from the top page. This is not right as it can cause duplicate content. It is necessary that you build up the title and meta description different from the other pages to avoid this issue. 

Nofollows, Rel=Canonicals and Conditional Redirects

You must avoid making use of the nofollow tag, canonical URL tag or even conditional redirects. if you add a nofollow tag, the search engines will not be able to flow link juice, which is important to help the pages to get indexed. If you put a rel=canonical tag that points back to the top page, you will be misdirecting the search engines to understand that you have only a single page of results. Creating a conditional redirect will 301 redirect or meta refresh back to the top page of results.

You might be clear enough why and how pagination is necessary. If you still need any kind of assistance with pagination, Jain Technosoft is one the leading SEO companies in Bangalore that can help with building better pagination for improved SEO and great user experience.


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Web Development Company Bangalore

“The concept of website development revolves around the various technical requirements. Website development has come up as a major challenge for most of the software firms”.

Why website development is thriving throughout India?           

It seems clear to me that today, website development is very important for business. Here I will try to explain the explosion of web development and web developers.

Can you imagine the world without internet?

Well, certainly no. More and more getting their information and other requirements online so it only make sense for business to use the internet as a marketing tool. The internet can be one of the cheapest and efficient ways to promote your company and products. It has even changed the way people shopped.

Website development is an extensive term for the work involved in developing a website for the World Wide Web otherwise known as internet. The scope of a successful web development services in today’s highly competitive world of web covers an efficient combination of web design, programming, hosting, online marketing and maintenance of a website.

Website development is a fully fledged process and its concepts are of complex in nature. It is not only about money but also about time, space, energy, determination to be successful. The demand for skilled website developers is on the rise. India, well known for being the IT hub, has gained a reputation for being the young dynamic talented web developers. India plays a bigger role in leading the technology drive across the world. In India one can find a competitive supply of educated workers who are skilled and fluent in English. By making use of outsource services, one can save huge expenses such as work, space etc. With IT India proved its worth and expertise by producing thousands of professionals in this arena and ever since there has been a constant increase in demand of their service.

With more and more people using internet to carry on their everyday business as well as personal activities the demand for website development in India and across the world has been increased. The adoption of website development is also rising among the small and medium enterprises due to its cost effectiveness and high scalability. If your organization can provide extraordinary output to the clients than it can run otherwise score of competitors are ready to beat. One of the major reasons for the business of website development becoming so popular is the little investment which one is required to put in.

Modern generation believes in online shopping, reason they have more option to choose with in unlimited time even at their own place. In online marketing you have to sale your product without any communication, hence how you make a positive impact in viewer mind that will turn viewer into customer is important. You have only one option, your business website should be attractive along with advanced features and best in providing services. Quality web development can now be the difference between success and failure of a business. Only a professional web developer will sketch the website development in an effective manner. A website should always be developed with SEO in mind. Here, marketing or promotion means hiring good web developers to gain good presence in search engines and to improve the amount of qualified visitors to the websites.

A web developer has total control over the application as he/she has the code on their server and the users are just using an instance of that code. As a developer you are the person because of whom those people could improve efficiency in their work. The web developers of India are creating the world best design for the websites, it includes the strategies for the ecommerce business, web designing  and the content.

The IT sector of India holds good reputation across the globe, so it is the influence of the web development companies in India. It is necessary to adapt systematic and unique strategies for creating website development, the planned web development focuses on planned visibility and long term milestones. Website development requires lot of accuracy, creativity and technical proficiency, it involves both the design as well as non design aspects. The greatest advantages of website development is the 24hrs and 7 days online availability from anywhere around the world. Using outdated technology might hinder or slow down the visibility of your website.

Software companies of India have grown to rival giants, most software companies in India deal with offshore development of software products. Recent survey has been proved that India’s business is growing in the web development and providing a score of opportunities to the employers. The main factor lies behind the successive growth in the web development like the affordable cost, manpower, new technologies, strength and dedication of work and understandable communication.

Jain Technosoft is a premier website development company, offering comprehensive range of web solutions across the globe. We deliver professional services for custom web development, open source customization and many more services for the growth of business. For more information on website development, visit our leading website design and contact us via email:info@jaintechnosoft.com.

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Website Deisgn Company India

Website Design & Development Services:

Many of the people think web designing & development concept as same, but the two phrases actually mean two different things. Here is an simple example to differentiate those, suppose you plan to construct a building, you go to an civil engineer and tell your requirements so and so things should be there in accordance to your own interest, this is what web designer works on, and constructing a building with all the required materials right from basic foundation is nothing but what a web developer works on.

                 Web designing is the process of designing web layout, which includes graphics, logos, animation etc, basically it is the user facing part. Web development is concerned with back-end of a website, how the site works, how exactly the user get things done on it. In this fastest and computational technology growing world, if one has to design or develop a website it should be a good quality, cost effective one. Here is Jain Technosoft, a company to fulfill your requirements without compromising in the quality of a product. We have very creative, innovative web developers, web designers to fulfill your needs and try to make you happier by providing more than what you need. We have a good team of PHP developers who are well experienced in developing web applications using Core PHP as well as experts in products like Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Why should you choose us??

1. No compromise in quality.

2. Cost effective.

3. Experienced UI designers, developers and content writers.

4. Good in planning structure and implementation.

5. Delivering product in committed time.

6. Marketing tips for improving your business.

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